Synergistic provides Sales and full Service in IBM I Series, AS/400, AIX in Waterford Michigan

IBM AS/400 – I Series in Waterford Michigan

Synergistic provides Sales and full Service in IBM I series, AS/400, AIX in Waterford Michigan. We have been an IBM business partner for over 20 years and have grown with the AS/400 from the System 38 day until now with the current Power Systems. Synergistic started off as a Maintenance company with focus on the older model AS/400. System 38, and system 36. We created a warehouse full of systems, printers, and parts so we could provide the best service to our customers. From there we grew into being an IBM business partner selling the newest technology and offering a full range of support services from system and printer maintenance to Disaster Recovery and migration services. Our expertise grew as the years went along.

Synergistic has come a long way in 20 years, but we have stuck to the core of our business and that is the I Series, AS/400, AIX user. We still have our warehouse so we can provide solid support to our maintenance customers, but we also have a fully functional Disaster Recovery Hot site with the latest Power System technology and systems that can run older version releases to satisfy customers who may be looking at Archival services as well.

Synergistic has grown into becoming your source for Hosting as well. We have the Power Systems and systems that can run your older versions releases. We can provide the hardware and technical expertise to have your companies I Series needs run at our locations. From Archival services to fully functional systems, Synergistic can help you and save you money in the short and long term.

Synergistic can also be your one stop shop if you are considering upgrading to a new AS/400 or used AS/400. We are an IBM business partner and our certified reps can help you figure out what system is right for you. We offer you our consultation so you can feel confident in the decisions you make.

The bottom line is Synergistic can save you money if you are looking at purchasing new hardware or looking to use one of the many services needed with this technology. We have been in Waterford Michigan for over 20 years and taking care of the customer at discount rates is why we are still standing proud.

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