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Custom IBM i (Formerly iSeries and the AS/400) Disaster Recovery, Hardware Maintenance, Hosting, and Managed Services.

IBM i Hardware Maintenance

Custom 24 x 7 AS/400 Hardware Maintenance for over 25 years including legacy and current systems support for small firms to some of the largest Fortune 500.

IBM i Custom Disaster Recovery

Custom IBM i (AS/400) Disaster Recovery solutions including Shared Hot Sites, Dedicated Systems or LPAR’s, to full Replication High Availability with instant fail over.

400Cloud Solutions

Move your IBM i (AS400) to the cloud and off your hands, freeing up your time and reducing your costs to house and administer your system.  We will host your box or your applications on our hardware.

IBM i Managed Services

Synergistic Managed Services can help you manage your IBM i systems and operations with augmented resources to compliment your team and also provide scalable project resources for modernization and development efforts.

IBM i Upgrades

From refurbished systems and parts to new IBM i systems, as an IBM Business Partner Synergistic can help you provide the right solution, at the right cost.
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Our Dedicated IBM i Team

Some of the best engineers, administrators, and technicians are providing niche IBM i skills and resources coast to coast and are here to help you free up time, save your cost, and add critical skill firepower where you need it most.


Strategic Hub

Detroit serves as a Strategic Hub for IBM i Cloud Hosting (including Virtual Server / LPAR) Solutions, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability with Live Data Replication.

Kansas City

Strategic Hub Office

Kansas City serves as a Strategic Maintenance Hub for Level 2 and Level 3 Support, Disaster Recovery, and Disaster Recovery and Hot Site Services.


Strategic Hub Office

Dallas is a Strategic Hub for IBM i Modernization, Managed Services, AS/400 Cloud Solutions, and Robotic Process Automation..

Synergistic also Serves:  Houston, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Orlando. New York, and Los Angeles.