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1) We have a smaller AS400, but would still like to look into a Disaster Recovery and have a hot site access. Can Synergistic provide us with an affordable back up site?

Synergistic has plans starting as low as $250 a month. All of our plans offer you a hot site, Full system tape test, and access to our technical staff. Synergistic has been in business for over 20 years and our customers are our only priority. All of our sales and technical staff is IBM certified and has years of experience helping our customers find the right solution to fit their IBM needs.

2) We have always used IBM for our hardware Maintenance, even though it is too expensive. We would like to try a third party maintenance vendor. How do we know Synergistic can provide quality service?

Synergistic has been doing System, printer, tape drive, and all Peripheral equipment maintenance services for over 20 years. We have a customer base that has stayed with our IBM Maintenance Service for over two decades. Synergistic has built its reputation servicing customers above and beyond the terms and conditions of a contract. We still believe in service. It is the cornerstone to our relationship with our customer base. Synergistic is happy to let our customers attest to the quality of our work. Call us today for a proposal and we will include some references.

3) We utilize AIX and also use an older AS/400. Is there a way to consolidate both systems?

Yes. IBM has made this not only possible, but affordable. Synergistic can sell you a system that can run each operating system in a separate LPAR. Our technicians can set that up for you so you have a turnkey solution.

 4) We have an older model system that has little use for us, but we still need to utilize some of the data. Is there a way Synergistic could help us keep our data without all the cost associated with having to run and operate a full system.

Synergistic can load your archived data onto one of our systems. We can manage the information so you don’t need to keep the old hardware on site. The cost for this is very reasonable and will save you money, time, and worry. Give us a call and let us quote you on our Archival services.

5) We are looking to purchase a new ISeries system. What is the best time to contact Synergistic to plan this?

The main part of the answer is Contact Synergistic first. We can help you plan for the installation, migration, and purchase of your new IBM system. If you are looking to set up LPAR’s or consolidate AIX with an iseries, it is best to give Synergistic 30 to 60 days to help you prepare for the changes. With advanced preparation, Synergistic can help you understand what system is best for you. This can save you time, money, and headaches. Synergistic can upgrade your system with new technology as well as used.

6) Can Synergistic help with financing our system?

Of course.  We represent IBM Global Finance, and work with other third party lease companies.  We  can be especially helpful were there is a need for creativity, and can do fmv or $1 buy out leases.  With a good credit we can also include software, installation, and migration charges.

7) We own a sizeable system and would like to gain some liquidity from it, can you help?

Sometimes, we might be able to offer you a purchase lease back situation that could accomplish that including an upgrade or software and services.

8) We want to continue with our business partner, but would like a knowledgeable, creative look at what we are about to do.  Could Synergistic consult us with this by looking at the proposed deal and seeing if there may be some helpful hints to this that might save us money?

Yes, we have been in the IBM mid range market for about thirty years and have a lot of experience to offer in the consulting arena.